Saturday, October 5, 2019

Theoretical Perspective Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Theoretical Perspective - Research Paper Example Project managers usually use emails and video conferencing techniques for a two way communication with his team members. Apart from this, special 3D and 2D satellite images are used by project managers for detecting the areas of oil spills and the working condition of the pumps. The manager then schedules the maintenance plan for the same. The oil and gas field can also be detected under the sea or on ground through 3D images of Stereo satellites. The companies are injecting the most advanced technologies to increase the efficiency of the workforce and also maximize the profit. Increasing use of these VPM tools is also helping the industry to decrease their operating expenses and this might also affect the price of oil and gases in the global market in future. Table of Contents Virtual Project Management 4 Virtual Project Management (VPM) Tools 4 VPM Tools in Oil Producing Environment 5 Current and Future Abilities for Project Implementation 6 Effect of New Technology on Projects and Members round the World 7 References 8 Virtual Project Management We often see that, the project teams are generally dispersed in many different locations of the world. The projects in MNCs are generally given to team, in which the members might be working from different parts of the world. Sometimes a single project is carried out by different companies. The geographically dispersed work or project is often called virtual projects. Virtual projects are called so because most of the communication regarding the project is done through email, video conferencing, telephone or using other forms of technology. The long distance communication methods and techniques are no longer expensive or prohibited. It helps the project managers to communicate with his project team frequently and openly (Mantel, Meredith, & Shafer, 2006, p. 56). Virtual Project Management (VPM) Tools In Virtual Management, the whole team is mainly depended upon the technological aspects. As such most of the work and decision making functions are undertaken through web-based technology such as internet. The tools that are used in virtual project management need to fit in the teams from all round the world. The main function that any VPM tool should have, is to allow the project team members to communicate with one another efficiently, as all the team member are in separate locations. Moreover, they might not have knowledge of each other's prior work experiences. In this case communication becomes the only key for discussing and formulating plans regarding the project. Secondly, the tools should also allow the team members to collaborate in the virtual space. The tools should also help the project manager to manage the project functions, schedule the resources and also track the progress of the tasks. The VPM tools are usually web based applications, which are used to create schedules and assign tasks. The resources and activities of team members are monitored and important documents are also exc hanged through these tools. VPM Tools in Oil Producing Environment Virtual project management tools are very useful in the field of natural resources such as minerals, oil and gas. Since, these natural resources are usually found in remote areas, so technological tools play a very important role in detecting and planning out the projects. In such cases, satellite, and airborne remote sensing technology is often used to select the oil and gas

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