Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Relationship of Education and Technology Essay -- Argumentative Pe

The Relationship of Education and Technology Today's society seems to be relying more and more on technology. Computers are being placed in almost every machine placed on the market today. That brings to our attention that in the future things aren't going to change. Technology will increase as jobs may decrease and as the need for people with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering become most valuable to the labor industry. With all of this technology booming going on, where does education go in the middle of all of this? Does technology hold a position in education? Better yet, does education hold a position in all of this technology? I will answer these questions and more in following pages. The need for better education has been increasing significantly over many years now. Educators are not just being told to teach reading, writing, or arithmetic anymore. They are instructed to teach all of these things but with use of technology. With all of the technology coming out these days students are in need of the hi-tech knowledge. Making some educators go back to learn about the top technology in their fields. This bringing one of the first reasons that technology in education has its good and bad points. First, making educators go back to school time and time again only makes educators? jobs more difficult. There is more expected of them. On the positive side having educators go back to school and learn about the best technology increases the students? chances in having the best education that they could possibly have. Another point is the fact that technology is taking over. More and more educational tools are being created to increase students? learning abilities. Not only will these tools ... expect everything to be run by computers then you are waiting for a let down after you must pay for the repairs of the machines you rely on. Teachers are the best source of information. Educators can be closely related to computers. You should respect us as you would a computer. You should allow time to recharge our batteries. Teachers also need to be upgraded. We can?t just give out the information we know, we must learn new information so that the old stuff can be renewed. Where technology seems to be taking over, schools may have a bit of technology in them but will not allow to be taken over by technology. I especially will not allow the technology take over. Works Cited Dell Computers. WWW. 1999-2003. US Department of Education. Teaching with Technology. WWW. 1998.

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