Monday, October 21, 2019

Factors of the American Rebellion essays

Factors of the American Rebellion essays Four key factors prompted the American rebellion. The factors consisted of Parliamentary taxation without representation, restriction of civil liberties, British military measures, and, most importantly, the legacy of colonial religious and political ideas. These issues shaped our government into what we know it as today. Parliaments taxation of the colonies was one of the most significant influences in the Americans rebellion. Such acts as the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, the Sugar Act, and the Tea Act greatly angered the colonists for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons was that the colonists did not feel as though they were being represented in British legislative assemblies. That would be inclusive of feelings pertaining to Americans taxation without their consent. Additionally, these acts infringed on the colonists profits in trade. For example, the Tea Act forbade the trade of any tea other than that of the East India Company. It also made East Indian Tea cheaper than smuggled tea, making smuggling unprofitable. Nine years prior, Britain had done the same with sugar. In the end, the issue with each of these acts is Parliaments taxation of the colonies and denial of their representation. Restriction of civil liberties also played a substantial role in the rebellion. The Quartering Act infringed on the colonists right to privacy and also his right to property. The government does not have the right to demand its citizens house and supply the military, especially in a time of peace. Colonists also felt that the writs of assistance violated their rights as Englishmen. The writs of assistance allowed for any place to be searched for evidence of illegal trade at any time. James Otis went on to call the writs a violation of British Constitution. Violators of many of these acts were to be tried in admiralty courts. This infuriated Americans becau...

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