Friday, October 18, 2019

Movie Report over Good Fellas for Organized Crime class Essay

Movie Report over Good Fellas for Organized Crime class - Essay Example Plot summary The protagonist, Henry Hill ignores his father’s advice and decides to lead the life of a gangster. Henry joins a gang and his life as a gangster helped him to be independent. Paul "Paulie" Cicero (leader), Jimmy "The Gent" Conway and Tommy DeVito (associate members) are the members of Henry’s gang. Air France Robbery (1967) was Henry’s first robbery in his life as a criminal. Henry’s relationship with Karen (his wife) and Janice Rossi proves to be unsuccessful. Henry’s life as a criminal includes the murder of Billy Batts. Later, Henry’s gang leader asks him to conduct a crime in Florida but almost all the members got arrested. Gradually, Henry began to ignore the leader and indulged in more serious crimes. Later, Henry was imprisoned for his involvement in drug trade. This incident deeply influenced him and he decided to change his life. But other members of Henry’s gang (Paul Cicero and Jimmy) were not ready to change a ccording to the situation. Discussion: The discussion includes theme, message, genre and portrayal of life in the film. A. Theme As pointed out, the film’s theme is interconnected with organized crime and it’s after effects. ... To be specific, Henry was able to identify that imprisonment and drug addiction were the byproducts of organized crime. This deeply influenced him and his decision to keep away from the life of a gangster was based upon this self-realization. On the other side, other members of Henry’s gang were not ready to realize their mistake and were forced to be imprisoned. This is the basic difference between Henry and the other members of his gang. B. Message The director makes use of the protagonist (Henry Hill) as a mouthpiece to communicate with the viewers and to convey his message on criminal instinct and organized crime. The director portrays Henry’s life through the perspective of an onlooker. Within this context, one can easily identify that Henry’s life is symbolic of criminal instinct and redemption in the end. In the beginning of the film, Henry’s decision to join the gang changes his life. His decision was based on his attraction towards the life of a g angster, especially a life with independence and thrill. Gradually, he came to realize that the drawbacks in his life are interconnected with his decision. For instance, he was not able to maintain his relationship with Karen (his wife) and Janice Rossi and was forced to face imprisonment for a number of times. In short, the protagonist’s life represents the director’s opinion on criminal instinct and organized crime. C. Genre One can easily identify that the film Good Fellas by Martin Scorsese represents gangster movie genre. To be specific, gangster movies portray the life of gangsters who represent the darker side of human life with criminal instinct. Besides, gangster movies provide ample importance to violence and crime. In the film, the director provides ample

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