Friday, October 4, 2019

Technological advances of globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Technological advances of globalization - Essay Example But government policy and technical developments of the last few years have urged increases in cross border trade, migration, and investment. The volume of world trade has increased in recent years. Comparatively, today globalization is very faster cheaper, farther and deeper than olden years. The current policies such as domestically and internationally open economies are major reasons for the current wave of the globalization. In the last two decades, many governments have tried or adapted free-market economy systems for international trade and investment. To promote trade in goods, services, and investment government also have provided reductions in barriers to commerce. Corporations have opened factories in foreign countries and established production and marketing preparations with foreign associates by getting a benefit of new opportunities in overseas markets. Technology is known as the other chief driver of globalization. Information technologies have given all kinds of indiv idual financial players - consumers, investors, businesses - valuable new tools for recognizing and continuing economic opportunities, including quicker and more conversant analyses of economic styles around the globe, easy transfers of belongings, and alliance with distant partners. Globalization has now become a controversial matter. ... Resistance to globalization has therefore taken figure both at a popular and at a government level as people and government attempt to supervise the flow of investment, merchandise, employment, and ideas that represent the present wave of globalization. Even though globalization has now become a fiscal, political and social concept, it is not a new occurrence. Travelers such as Marco polo, and Ibn Battuta were innovators of globalization facing casualty and risk in their mission to explore new distant land. But in 21st century, globalization receives on a new definition. It might mean sitting in your room in U.S while talking with a companion in U.K. Trade, Health, Environment, and culture Trade is a significant part of globalization. It steers globalization. Current shipping and telecommunication facilities enable exports to and imports from distant places without any difficulty. But few trade policies, international rules and regulations can still create problems for developing nations. Globalization has had spectacular effects on health department. Treatments for deceases such as HIV/AIDS are commonly accessible, and their costs have fallen by the reason of international agreements. Latest medicinal stuffs to identify, measure, and treat known and emerging diseases are being used all over the globe. The people are more conscious on health issues by the entry of internet and e-mail. At the same time the global actions teams such as national institutes, international bodies, and public society are helping to amplify alertness, monitor developments, and generate solutions to health issues. On the other hand, cross border voyage increases HIV/AIDS and other contagious

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