Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Adolf Hitlers affect on the world essays

Adolf Hitlers affect on the world essays Adolf Hitlers Influence on the World Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria.(Dorpalen Microsoft Encarta 98) Eighteen ninety-nine was the year of his birth. He was a poor boy and a high school dropout. He was rejected twice from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for lack of talent.(The Volume Library 2 Pg. 1745) At age 25, Hitler eagerly volunteered to serve in W.W.I. His fellow soldiers were unlike him. They would always talk about bad food and women but he would prefer to discuss history or art. Despite his early luck during the first two years of the war, he was later injured twice and decorated twice with the Iron Cross.(AOL 12/15/98 Hitler In W.W.I.) After the war, Hitler joined a growing Nazi Party and soon became its leader. By 1930, he helped make the Nazi Party the second largest in the country.(The Volume Library 2 Pg. 1745 When he organized an uprising he was placed on trial for treason. He didnt try to deny what he had done, but openly declared that he wanted to overthrow Germanys new democratic government. Hitler was allowed to use the trial as propaganda for the Nazi party. In the end he wound up with a five year sentence and possible parole in six months. While in jail he was accommodated well. He even had his own secretary, Rudolph Hess. Hess wrote down every word out of Hitlers mouth. Eventually, this turned into Hitlers book, Mein Kampf.(My Struggle) In this book, Hitler describes his early childhood and also his views about different human races. To him, the supreme race was the Aryans; white, blonde, Germans. The most inferior of the races was the Jews. He believed they were dirty, sly, crafty, liars, and the mortal enemy of the Aryans. This book showed his true personality and was a warning to the world. A warning which was mostly ignored.(AOL 12/15/98 Hitlers Book-Mein Kampf) On January30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Ge...

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