Friday, August 9, 2019

Proposal for Corporate social responsibility Assignment

Proposal for Corporate social responsibility - Assignment Example Therefore, this study represents an important contribution to the CSR literature in US (Aaronson & Reeves, 2002, p.59). This research examined the relevance of and the theoretical contributions of different management theories, particularly the triple bottom line and the competitive advantage theory that help managers understand the relevance of competing through quality assurance. The Competitive Advantage -This is an advantage in the intrinsic and extrinsic parts of the company and this theory is concerned with the competition between the company and its competitors through offering better values than their competitors (Competitive advantage ,2010, p.102). Strong values come from the culture of the company which later transforms to be the values of the customers and later the values of the society. Values generally come from the customers and the stakeholders which are both important to the success of business. Developing values that are sustainable will depend on the relationship of the organization with the employees, partners, shareholders, suppliers and also media (Enquist & Edvardsson, 2009, p.89). Brands are very important for any company as they communicate to the customers or every stakeholder the image of the company and their products. In order to stall the â€Å"values-based service brand† the company must employ CSR strategies to maintain its business in long run. Virtually, CSR serves the best way to communicate to all the customers and stakeholders in an efficient manner. These strategies touch with values of service brands and enable the company to obtain the good resonances from all stakeholders (Enquist & Edvardsson, 2009, p.234). In the business activities carried out today, many strategies are outlaid in running them. Of late, CSR has developed swiftly. Individuals have started demanding that companies take their social responsibility in their

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