Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Integrating Business prespictive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Integrating Business prespictive - Essay Example To bridge this gap that exist between the job graduate job seekers and potential employers the app we have initiated will be crucial. With this program, graduates can connect with incredible companies that are potential employers. This program is specially designed for graduates to come in contact with employers, and it’s open to all graduates possessing a great attitude and wanting a new job. The program will offer unemployed graduates with an opportunity like no other. Through this program graduates develop job skills, earn training and make fruitful business and personal connections (Horie, 2004). The program is distinctive in the sense that it gets the graduates working. Through this project, graduates earn the much-needed experience in the job market. This project gives the perfect opportunity for the graduates to enter the workforce as well as earning some money. Besides, our program enlightens graduates on the wages that the various industries offered for diverse careers. With this program, graduates earn valuable work experiences, training to enhance once employability and job skills. It also grows their resume and connections with relevant organizations that could be helpful in the future. Since our main objective to solve the unemployment among the graduates, intend to reduce the number of unemployed graduates every year. The problem of labour market mismatch in supply and demand will be our main objective (Wasmer & Weil, 2000). The project starts the process of connecting graduates with the job market right at the various institution of higher learning. Finalists are the key targets of the projects as well as freshly graduated individuals. To ensure equality, a similar number of graduates are picked from various institutions of higher learning and absorbed into the program every year. The main source of revenue for this project is the subscription from various graduates

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