Thursday, August 8, 2019

How I Learnt How to Navigate the Cyber Space Essay

How I Learnt How to Navigate the Cyber Space - Essay Example Plainly speaking the experience would be unforgettable, defining, and somewhat perplexing. This paper explores my first steps on a journey through the cyberspace. Introduction Having read and heard a lot about the internet and cyber space, and obsessed over the concept for what seemed like my whole life, I had a few things in mind I was more than anxious to try. My initial approach was an intricate mixture of curiosity, anxiety, and bewilderment. I was keen to find out if some of the things I had read about cyber space were true. To be specific, I had even come up with a list of a few things of my own with which to challenge the ingenuity of the outspoken technological phenomenon. However, I was inwardly unsettled over how the new virtual world would appear to me. Precisely, I was keen to find out whether cyber space would it be a passive unexciting computing experience. My greatest wonder was whether the web, arguably one of the best inventions of the century, would be an infinitely complex and unfathomable mass of data and material that would be utterly intolerant to my inexperience, and numbing to my bristling curiosity? Technology has always been my greatest source of marvel and intrigue for as long as I can remember. All things I found amazing about human accomplishments with regard to innovation were beginning to gather around technology and later and by extension computing. While some things would seem normal on computers and their many applications, for instance, do calculations at unimaginable speeds, some elements were especially influential to my curiosity and interest in computers. Particularly appearing improbable was the claims that it could do a multiplicity of activity including communicating with other computers with people all over the world in virtually no time. Even to a person fairly read on technology, particularly computing, this was simply extraordinary: I knew that computers had a myriad of abilities, which were beyond some of our wilde st perceptions on what is possible through human endeavour. I knew that computers could control complex systems, that computing knowledge had been critical in man’s first conquest of the moon in the outer space, could store mammoth amounts of data, do apparently complex and time-consuming manual activities at blinding speeds, and replace common technological innovations such as typewriters, and video output devices with unmatched effectiveness (Rajashekar, 22). At the time, it was only possible to read materials about the internet and the web in physical libraries. Therefore, metaphorically, I consider my first web experience occurred before I ever typed my first word on a browser search tab. What I found out about cyber space was more than I was hoping to unfold, and quite honestly, quite sobering. The moment I typed in a dictionary vocabulary, a popular name in computing, and the president’s name, my reality materialized from a haze of eccentric veneer and supressed doubts. I was sure of one thing, I was going to be part of this community, intellectually, and in many other ways a kid my age could imagine, I felt I belonged, and had means to let my imaginations run wild with a few keystrokes. The internet at the time was painfully and insufferably slow by today’

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