Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Marketing Strategies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Marketing Strategies - Research Paper Example However, changes in technology will be the key trend that will affect the business. Express Vending LLC will keep track of the changing technology and adjust accordingly. Express Vending LLC will a family owned business that will provide high quality beverage and vending equipment for commercial purposes. The company will take advantage of the current situation in which customers lack high quality equipment at reasonable prices. Initially, the business will operate locally but will expand to global markets such as the European market. The business plans to approach the market by introducing unique products that are technology intensive. The company will offer three vending products; Sandwich Express, Fresh Juice Machine and Multi-line Machine. The company will also offer restaurant equipment such as Fresh Juice squeezer and Expresso Makers and Toasters. The company will target Branded Juice firms, Sandwich manufacturers and distributors and end users. â€Å"The mission of Express Vending LLC is to be the dominant company in both the vending machine and the restaurant equipment industries by providing easy access to a wide range of unique, high quality and innovative products at reasonable prices. We believe that we will be successful in meeting the needs of our customers by developing close contacts with them so that we have cordial relations with them. Express Vending LLC will earn adequate stream of profits from its operations so that stability can be sustained and even finance the future growth avenues. We will ensure that all our business operations will be conducted ethically and the value is added to our community by maintaining a familiar and friendly environment.† The business will use an advertising strategy that will segment, target and position in the market in order to market products effectively. Targeting will ensure that the right advertisement reaches

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