Sunday, August 11, 2019

Industry briefing paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Industry briefing paper - Essay Example This section of the essay will look at the factors that affect the soft drink industry and how Fresh Fruit Soda, the product under review, can be presented onto the market as a low sugar and natural fruit alternative to other soft drinks on the market. The soft drink industry has been viewed as one with major health issues and matters. This is because most of the drinks are said to contain sugar that is bad for the health and bad for the teeth of people who consume them. There is an acidic nature of soft drinks and this leads to the erosion of the enamels of the teeth (Hooper et al, 2007). Thus, consumption of soft drinks without brushing of ones teeth afterwards has major health implications and it leads to the discolouration of the teeth and supports other health problems and issues (Hooper et al, 2007). Therefore soft drinks have major dental consequences and there is the need for some kind of controls to ensure that consumers are protected from negativities and other tooth decay problems that comes with such products. Aspartame is used as a substitute to sugar in most â€Å"natural† soft drinks. However, this has proven to be problematic because although aspartame is seen as a healthier substitute for sugar, research has proven otherwise. Laming identifies that aspartame is viewed as a positive substitution for sugar, but they also have their health implications (2006). Due to that, soft drinks with aspartame must disclose the implications of using those products in drink and not tell consumers that they are much better and harmless. In fact such products have their own issues hence consumers must be given the appropriate education rather than the states use of strict rules and regulations. Therefore it can be said that the soft drink industry, although it is a lucrative venture, is hampered by major health and safety concerns about consumers. Aside that, these products are popular amongst consumers and

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