Friday, June 21, 2019

The Rise of Islam as a Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Rise of Islam as a Religion - Essay ExampleThough he received a rejection from the jump time but with time, he started to get the followers through his teachings. His main teachings based on equality (Fordham, 2013). Q2. Compare and contrast the caliphates of Damascus and Baghdad (socially and politically) how did the Caliphate serve, to hold out Muhammads legacy? What were some of the cultural, technological and academic achievement made during caliphate? I support the opinion of the third students, who states that it led to the spread of the Islamic morality and changed the political rule from democracy to monarchy. However, in those times of the Caliphate, in that location was resistance from the non-believers. The spread of Islam enabled Baghdad to become the city of the Caliphate and there was the gate of technology, which contributed to the Muslim culture, the introduction of writing has influenced the current knowledge on writing such as arithmetic and medicine, as we ll as astronomy (Fordham, 2013). The second student states that, initially, there were many religions that believed in many gods, the spread of Islam through Muhammad changed everything as his idea of peacemaking and that strengthen the military work. The economic status of the nation was also improved since everything was make under to always of religion hence, there was a reduced exploitation practice. Muhammad became politically powerfully when he went to Medina, he used his power to have what he wanted therefore, through his power, he managed to write a spic-and-span constitution (Fordham, 2013). I agree with third students, who states that indeed Muhammad was a charismatic man invented new ideas based on the Islamic religion and influence the social life of people in Bedouin.

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