Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Learning About On-Line CommunitiesSection 1 What I Know, Assume or Imagine. What I contend, or rather, what I prehend I know, about on-line communities is extremely limited since I do not really participate in these types of communities myself. I have virtually no experience in the area of on-line communities and have never actually attempted to join, or even browse, through them. Everything that I think that I know about this area of interest is simply what I have heard from my friends or family regarding their experiences in various chat rooms and other on-line communities. What I assume I know is also based partially on the bits and pieces of information that I gather occasionally from the media. When veritable investigative report programs activate information that reveals research from various web sites such as the different types of web sites that are available, and the types of people that might be found in certain chat rooms, I begin to grow more curious. In fact, I once watched an investigative report show that revealed how easy it is to set up your possess web site from your living room. The come up of people that decided to create their own web sites for assorted reasons is not as interesting to me as the amount of people that are enticed into logging on to these web sights. Several areas of interest even include simply observation the creator of the web site as they go about their daily activities in their living room. Some online groupies have even become so fascinated with certain web sights that they enjoy watching the host of the site sleep or use the bathroom. I am sure that these types of communities are merely the tip of the iceberg in the vast nautical of what is available as far as on-line communities. What interests me most about the various web sites and on-line communities available to the public is the fact that so more people are consumed by these alternative realities and seem to enjoy living in a world where they can create t heir alter egos. A diffuse of people seem to really enjoy, or perhaps even have a deep need, to create enriched versions of them. People that often engage in this act of creating a generous picture of who they actually are have a purpose of attracting other individuals who the embellishers might feel would, otherwise, not be attracted to enlist in conversation with them.

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