Friday, September 27, 2019

Prevention of mental ,emotional disorders in youth Article

Prevention of mental ,emotional disorders in youth - Article Example Some of the disadvantages the society face include the failure to complete high school along with high alcohol dependence, teenagers becoming pregnant and many other problems for the youth and the society. There are many preventive steps and actions which are taken into account for improving this undesirable situation and for the improvement of the mental health of the people. The mental disorders are particularly caused by the focus being majorly on the well being rather than the illness and disorders. The promotions which take place majorly from the mental health being promoted as not only to improve the conditions of the mental problems but also to improve and promote self esteem and well being amongst the people. These promotions help in improving mental abilities of the people. Now when it comes to the behavioral preventions it talks about the steps taken to eliminate youth pregnancy. There are also proper parental training institutions along with schools where there are class rooms for the training of the substance abuse. It is crucial for the communities to promote preventions of risky sexual behavior and aggressive nature of the teenagers. Psychiatric problems are common from preventions to eliminate the increasing depression problems along with the schizophrenia which is in the young people. Social problems such as divorce and alcohol usage can be added here. Also it is important to keep in account the social problems which arise due to such mental and behavioral disorders which include poverty, family problems and the conflicts between married couples. There are various committees which are working for improving the situation which include the verdict of the experts who talk about the information which is gathered along with the child maltreatment and how the children and the teenagers can achieve academic success. There are

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