Thursday, September 12, 2019

Holistic brand positioning of NB Entrust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Holistic brand positioning of NB Entrust - Essay Example These combines proven expertise, tailored packages and bulk purchasing power with tailored packages vital for enhancing the business property value to both investors and occupiers. Many systems of NB Entrust have been developed from company services, as well as, adapted them from property management services. They refer tenants as clients and this is a significant aspect of the company philosophy. The company internally manages the delivery of varied property services and facilitates effective management integrator. The company outsources delivery of direct services to varied specialist providers in significant areas including landscaping, electrical services, security and cleaning. The company currently has nine principal supplier partners and they intend to expand them to more than 20 diverse companies. The revenues for the year 2007, was approximated 6.2 million dollars for the group companies, where by NB Entrust contributed to 18.9 percent. Thus, the company owner, Nelson Bake w ell has made significant efforts; thus, the company facility management services have now improved in terms of performance level. Holistic Brand Positioning of NB Entrust Branding theory is an effective approach for conveying and enabling customers to understand products and services available in the market. In the contemporary business environment, which is characterized by high competition, companies have made significant efforts by implementing effective marketing strategies vital for achieving their business goals successfully. Before employing branding strategy, companies should understand the strategic and detailed approach effective with a clear aim of meeting the desired needs of their customers (Burton 31). Trust is among the companies that have attempted to employ branding theory as an effective model for communicating about the management facilities they offer to their clients in the market. Dann and Susan (71) argue that brand positioning is an effective strategy that co ntributes to increased sales; hence driving business growth. NB Entrust employs varied business strategies effective for creating value to customers. Therefore, the holistic brand positioning focuses on brand details, and also evaluates these strategies based on the concerning levels, as well as, constraints, which offer a basis for recommendations. Culture Culture is one of the effective aspects that should be taken into consideration before implementing a branding strategy for a property brand. This is because culture may impact severely business performance in case it is not taken into considerations effectively (Bearden, Richard and Kelly 45). The organizational culture consists of varied aspects including the assumptions that the group has invented such as values, relationship with clients and many others; enabling the corporation to learn or cope up with problems within the internal and external environment. NB Entrust understand the significant of building property brands and they also understand that implementing a brand, which suits best in the cultural environment is effective. Relationship with NB Real Estate NB Entrust has attempted to maintain their relationship with NB Real Estate. Although the establishment of NB Entrust contributed to separation of the two companies, they have made significant attempt to work together in the new estate. Branding deals with two significant elements of delivering performance and establishing a relationship

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