Monday, July 29, 2019

Choose one or two artists that we've discussed in class and discuss Essay

Choose one or two artists that we've discussed in class and discuss those artists' work in relationship to the main concepts - Essay Example This radical evolution of art gaining evolutionary-revolutionary power over humankind has shaken the society. Art as an expression reflects what is happening in a certain society and culture. If art is a work output, then it must come from inside of the artist. The freedom of every individual lets him explore the vastness of his creativity exploding into varied concepts of supreme work of art and achievements. The dynamic relationship of the artist with the environment creates significant thoughts within him. With all his intellect, emotions, and religious beliefs, he freely cast out what he infers from his system. This symbiotic human cycle produces a total artwork that is directed into shaping the world creating history and directing the course of the future. The axiom that art has been devised by modern people as the tool to voice out socio-political concerns is highly evident in the many various forms of arts now produced. In fact, many art shows conceptualized with a certain the me has been made all over the world. Artists, their supporters and critics flock like vultures at these events creating both ingrates and malcontents alike. The immersion and integration of various works of arts revolving around a single theme or idea echo with a bang to the public. The message is sent out clear and loud. In fact, louder than expected since a lot of people react differently to them. Hence, it creates so much controversy that can not taken for granted. They are called in various names: Artist as Victim, Artist as Star, Victim’s representative or whatever. There is a raw exposure of the various artist feelings of marginalization and exclusion according to what they perceive from the present outside world. This creates a big fiesta of whining with loud utterances of hidden parody made for women, lesbians, gays, blacks, the poor and deprived (Hughes, 1993). Barbara Kruger is one artist of the modern times that creates a voice heard instantly by those who perceive her works. Many of her works provoke issues and create lasting consciousness to the passive public. Feminism is greatly conveyed by most of her works. Generally, her masterpieces, maybe, a collage, photo shoot, or a canvass of massive blots with various hues is centralized with what is deep inside of her. The colors with captions chants with loud and piercing sonata as they are mass produced in various mediums such as T-shirts, cups, streamers, billboards, and etc. Some may consider them as commercialism strategy, but still, the existence of sharp concerto through the soundless voice in the message of her works has indeed reach the ears even to the society dozed in somber aloofness. Kruger’s stylistic works can come from a magazine image, black and white pictures, enlarged image skewed to monumental proportions, photos from real life events, incorporation of various clippings, and collages. Most of her works are known for captions and text message embezzled on the image. She is quite vocal in addressing her thoughts in her works regardless of medium. She incorporates language and pictures quite powerfully. Some of her works, â€Å"We won’t play nature to your culture† and â€Å"Perfect† are great masterpieces that echoes feministic ideas. The former shows a picture of a woman’s countenance with eyes covered with leaves. Thousand words can be used to describe the supposed to be

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