Saturday, July 27, 2019

Brand Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Brand Management - Assignment Example Through, successfully implementation of this methodology, firms can win loyal customer at a reasonable rate. Brand management practice is applicable across various industries, because of its perceptive dimension (Lienert). However, the positive product or brand image could be built in a fraction of seconds, when salesperson highlights the importance and applicability of a certain product in customer’s life; but the hard part is to backup this perceived value with actual product performance. All of the major automobile companies are attempting to lower their operational costs, because of Japanese competition (Mannering and Winston). But, they are taking this challenge in a wrong direction, because Japanese are not just selling vehicles, they are giving away comfort, low maintenance and high quality. Thus, they are providing more real value to the customer that enables them to charge some extra cash. The competitors should concentrate on enhancing the value provided to the custo mer, in order to counteract Japanese competition. ... In this way, the company will be able to provide incentive to facilitate sales. Another unique aspect of brand endorsement is its center of attention, which is more abstractive in nature. It emphasizes on improving the quality of life of an individual through a product, thus brand management is all about increasing consumers’ comfort through adding new and meaningful products in their life. Brand managers believe that customers do not purchase clothes; they pay for good looks, which these clothes will provide them. The above mentioned argument fits well, within the industry of cars that this paper will analyze in the coming section. Such consumers are interested in fuel consumption, convenience and elegance, thus require a travelling solution not just a car. Fait, which possesses the managerial rights of Chrysler, is planning to lower their value chain costs through streamlining their dealership network, by combining small to medium size dealers with larger ones. This strategy will help them in lowering the number of dealers; therefore their transportation costs will drop significantly. The use of centralized dealers points towards the intention of top management on gaining a price advantage. In the history, Fait attempted to introduce its products as luxurious ones. But, this decision caused its offerings to compete in a different market, in which Honda and other similar companies had established brands. Therefore, Fait failed to make a name in this segment; mainly, because of its products’ low quality. The customers consider Chrystal’s products as economical and designed for middle class; due to this market perception best cost marketing strategy will be ideal for promoting these products.

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