Friday, May 31, 2019

Television and Media - Variety in TV Shows :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Variety in Television Shows   There are many diffe admit video recording lay downs today, practic bothy one for every mortal in the family. Comedies, dramas, action-adventure all these different forums of television, but they all seem to be about the same people. Threw all the different verity of shows on TV all the characters have common similarities with each other. They are mostly composed of white people and the upper mannikin.   Even if the show claims to be about the working class the characters are usually never seen working or even warring about money, they also never have a problem paying rent or buying new clothes. This gives a false image of the working class. The lack of a divers cast also misleads the audience the black population is expected to outnumber the white population in this country by the year 2009. Yet all major television stations dont have many if ant minority in their shows. This leaves most of Americas people unrepresentative on television. If these stations where trying to portray the middle class they did not do so in an affective manor.   Looking at the show friends the whole cast is composed of white actors and never has a minority ever been represented in the show. All the characters have jobs but are never seen at them, occasionally we see Monica in the kitchen where she works, or Rachel in the Coffey shop doing anything but work. Even with the erratic appearance at work the characters still seem to have great apartments and seem fashionably beautiful. Friend is one of the most popular shows on television today. How is that possible, the answer is that executives who write and produce the shows have no idea what its really like for young adults in society today. They assume things about the American universal and pass it on as the real thing. This in turn is digested by the American public and watched because theirs nothing else that is entertaining enough to keep their attention t he condition why television shows seem the same is because they are made and produced by the same people with a formula that is followed by others. Look at the show Will and Grace it seems to have broken the mold of the usual sitcom.

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