Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Chinas Challenge to US Hegemony Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

mainland Chinas Challenge to US Hegemony - Essay ExampleThis strategy continues to be implemented, whereas the US is focusing on war against terrorism. China has gained a lot of fame globally this has come as a surprise to the US, which has now started strategizing on how to counter Chinas growth and influence. This paper is going to issue more evidence that shows the challenge that has been imposed on the US as a result of Chinese empowerment.The United States has been predominant over other nations for many decades nations have found it almost inevitable to lapse this enigmatic nation. Nations have risen, while others have fallen apart, but the United States (US) has remained to be a superpower. However, this may not last any longer, because an Asian country by the name China has risen and minded(p) the rate at which it is growing, its enough to state that the US is under threat. It will be by no surprise that it will soon be surpassed.The US and China have been cardinal clos ely related nations with economic interdependence and prevalence of democracy in the two nations. However, with the rise of China, there has pornographic a conflict of interest and ideological differences. This has led to the beginning of competition for supremacy between the two nations. Within the shortest period of time, China has created a large market for many nations, cutting across several(prenominal) continents including Africa and Asia. On the other hand, the US market has declined at a terrific speed.The rise of china has shifted name by other nations from the US to China. The evidence to this is quite clear in most countries of Asia, programs and national contrary policies are created while considering the position of china and how it may react to this (Freeman, Lardy & Mitchell, 2009). This increasing recognition of China by the rest of the world has left the US raising its eye brows, wondering what to do to curb Chinas rising supremacy.Chinas diplomatic tool, the spa ce program has greatly helped China in promoting its

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