Tuesday, February 4, 2020

K-12 national Education Technology Standards for teachers Essay

K-12 national Education Technology Standards for teachers - Essay Example Further they must become aware of the dangers of misusing these tools whether it is for publication purposes or for depending wholeheartedly on the accuracy and possible bias of electronic sources. Technologies available to teachers in K-12 education According to Hannafin and Vermillion (2008) the technologies that are available to teachers to facilitate teaching, learning and communications include ‘educational (nonadministrative) uses of computers, peripherals, curriculum and productivity software, personal digital assistants (PDAs and other wireless devices, as well as all Internet-enabled applications (e.g., e-mail, Web sites, Webquests, wikis, Massively Multi User Virtual Environments (MMUVEs), vidcasts, Web conferencing, online discussion boards, simulations, course management systems, games, simulations, podcasts, blogs, digital storytelling).’ Computers through the use of the Word processor for writing or Excel for Mathematics can be used to enhance reading and w riting, personal digital assistants which offer audio recording, the various Internet applications, and software has been created for almost every imaginable curriculum content therefore they should be available to teachers.

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