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Afro-Asian Poetry - 1595 Words

AFRICA’S PLEA Roland Tombekai Dempster I am not you – But you will not Give me a chance, Will not let me be me. â€Å"If I were you† but you know I am not you, Yet you will not Let me be me. You meddle, interfere In my affairs As if they were yours And you were me. You are unfair, unwise, Foolish to think That I can be you, Talk, act And think like you. God made me me. He made you you. For God’s sake Let me be me. Breaths Birago Diop Listen more often to things rather than beings. Hear the fires voice, Hear the voice of water. In the wind hear the sobbing of the trees, It is our forefathers breathing. The dead are not gone forever. They are in the paling shadows, And in the darkening†¦show more content†¦He spoke: - Men hearkened to his piercing cry, With smiles, with scorn; But the dim Future felt his threatenings nigh, And shook, - unborn! He died: and race to race did still succeed; And suns did shine; And Centuries passed; and still no eye could read His awful line. You mourn? - Mourn not; nor deem his history vain; Nor vain his strife: To breathe, to feel, to hope are worth the pain Of Death, and Life: And now, - (as generations rise, and far Like vapours roll,) Some few begin to gaze, as on a star, And scan his scroll: And, in its inspiration, vaguely shown, We seem to trace The march of revolutions, come and flown; And of mans race The history. Amidst blots, of blood and tears, The verses run, Until we lose their light in distant years, And - all is done! A prospect of spring - Du Fu The country’s been broken, see, only hills and rivers. In the city here’s the lush growth of spring. These times are splashed with tears before flowers. Grieved at parting, birds startle the heart. Beacons have been burning for three whole months. Any letter from home is worth ten thousand gold. I’ve scratched my white hair so thin It can’t hold even a hairpin in place. THE SONG OF MAISUNA by: Maisuna HE russet suit of camels hair, With spirits light and eye serene, Is dearer to my bosom far Than all the trappings of aShow MoreRelatedThe Past and Present Treatment of Ethnic Minorities in Britain1387 Words   |  6 PagesTwo) Black carrabiens were encouraged to come from their homeland-the carrabien to come and work for Britain. This later evolved into people from other countries coming to work in Britian, e.g. India, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka and many more Asian countries. Britians economy was doing so well but there was a shortage of workers. This was one of the reasons why Britain wanted people to immigrate to Britain. in 1948 the nationality act was made, this meant that all people fromRead MoreCaribbean Literature1477 Words   |  6 Pagesmixture of European languages with Native American languages (mainly the Caribs and Arawaks) in the formation of creoles and local patois (hybrid languages) and those of Africans brought to the Caribbean as slaves, not withstanding the contributions of Asians mainly from India and China, and Middle Easterners. The fabric of Caribbean Literature is woven with the historical issues of enslavement and forced migration, the related themes of home and exile, and colonialism and decolonization. The social andRead MoreFood of Paradise1129 Words   |  5 PagesAnnabelle T. Chavez ABE 2-2 Prof. Mary Grace Ferrer Afro-Asian Literature 3043 Reflection Paper February 26, 2013 I. Background of the Literary Piece The Food of Paradise is a short story by Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Majid al-Najdi, commonly known as Ibn Majid. He is known to be one of the greatest and most illustrious Arab navigators of all times. He was born in Julfar (today’s Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates) in the early 1430s and became renowned during the last half ofRead MoreWhen determining whether a country could be a suitable partner to establish business relations1600 Words   |  7 PagesArabia, the official language of the country is Arabic and the official religion of the country is Muslim, which accounts for nearly 97% of the total population. About 90% of the population is of Arab descent, while the remaining 10% consists of Afro-Asian descent. The Islamic religion is the staple of the culture in Saudi Arabia, as the Saudis respect and follow every tradition and guideline within the religion. As part of their Islamic practices, the Muslim population prays five times throughoutRead MoreIran is one of the World’s oldest countries. There is evidence of settlements in Iran that go1800 Words   |  8 Pagesfunctions as the regular Military Forces. The Militia is use mainly to put down the violent challenges to the government. In addition, the Police Force handles the routine security duties. About two-thirds of the Iranian people are descendants of Asian people called Aryans. Tribes of Aryans began migrating to Iran from the plains of central Asia during 1500’s B.C. Persians are the largest ethnic group of Aryan origin and make about 60 percent of Iran’s population. Most Persians live in central IranRead More2010 Secondary Education Curriculum in English6955 Words   |  28 PagesSecondary Education Curriculum English CONCEPT MATRIX Year Level Concept Philippine Literature Afro-Asian Literature (including Philippine Literature) British-American and Philippine Literature World Literature (including Philippine Literature) FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR FOURTH YEAR Quarter 1 Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative 2 Drama Drama Drama Drama 3 Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry 4 Essay Essay Essay Essay 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum English Program Standard:Read MoreImportance of English Language and Speaking Skills3837 Words   |  16 Pages | | |Year Level |FIRST YEAR |SECOND YEAR |THIRD YEAR |FOURTH YEAR | |Concept / |Philippine Literature |Afro-Asian Literature |British-American and |World Literature | |Quarter | |(including Philippine |Philippine Literature |(including Philippine | | Read MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pagescase. Could it be that the interventions originated in western cultures do not fit the needs of Asians, particularly Chinese? If more research existed on people from Asian cultures, would the outcomes have been better? Realizing that the focus of most psychological studies has long been on North Americans and Europeans, I found an intense ambition to study people from other cultures, especially East Asian cultures. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that I want to pursue a career in social psychologyRead More`` France Virile : Des Tondues A La Liberation, Sexuality, And Sadism8413 Words   |  34 Pagesembodied by the Black is beautiful movement. The Afro became popular among the Black Panther Party, and famous artists, such as the Jackson Five and the Supremes. By the 1970s the Afro had already started to wane. Its introduction to the mainstream and its adoption by people of non-African decent caused the famous haircut to lose its radical and political edge. The tightly coiled hair that black women used to wear until then was grown out to create big Afro hairdos that became so popular during this centuryRead MoreEssay about What is World History?4758 Words   |  20 Pagescapitalism and the beginnings of what he calls the Modern World-System to the late 15th and 16th Centuries. His co-founder and worthy competitor Andre Gunder Frank argues that capitalism originated some five thousand years ago and that at least the Afro-Eurasian ecumene has been in continuous interactive existence ever since. As that ancient forerunner of postmodernist relativism, the Roman playwright Terence, once said, Quot homines, tot sententiae: as many men, so many opinions. [1] All of

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